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I just wanted to say a quick thank you for getting the diode to me before my interview. I am very sensitive, so I can detect subtle shifts in energy… and let me tell you the diode is absolutely amazing! I was stunned by how well it works. One has to be very sensitive to detect just how great it is. It really makes me wonder if the American public can ever know just how amazing the little diode is. I am very grateful to the staff at Ener-G-Polari-T. Thank you.

Bobby, Iowa

I ordered a diode, and could tell an immediate difference. This is the first time in decades that my head has been clear. I have been searching for an answer to my fatigue for over 30 years, and wish I had found you sooner. I have used two different devices for EMF protection from different companies without much success. I am very sensitive to energy flow in my body, and I have a very strong free flow of energy with the diode.

Ken, Minneapolis

It really works! My mood and feelings are less adverse now from wearing the Diode.

Jerrilea, Illinois

I noticed a difference in my energy, especially at work where we have fluorescent lights.

Jeanne, California

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After working just an hour or two I always seem to have a bloodshot area in my left sclera in the iris. I noticed at work while wearing my diode the bloodshot area did not appear. It seems like the diode is working.

Barry, Tennessee

I lent one of my diodes to a 93 year old man who walks everyday but was slowing down. After wearing one of my diodes he said his step was quickened and he was walking 2 miles a day. As for me, I had back surgery and started to have severe pain where the bone was taken from my hip. I put a diode in my left pocket and within 5 minutes the pain was easing up. I do not go a day without a diode in my pocket. Thank you for your wonderful product.

Sharon, Ohio

I have ordered diodes for residents in my area that were suffering from headaches, leg aches, respiratory issues etc. I am happy to report they are now getting relief from their symptoms after using your diode products.

Marty, Indiana

I was in a car accident a few years ago and suffered a head injury. I found that whenever I used my cell phone, I had severe pain in my head and stomach. As soon as my Cell Phone Diode arrived, I put it on my phone, and for the first time, I could use my cell phone without any pain whatsoever!

Kara, Virginia

Thank you. The Dio-Pad arrived the day before we left for Hawaii. You’re right – NO JET LAG. I also feel more rested and refreshed when I sleep with them. I do not experience car fatigue when I drive. I carry one with me in the grocery store where the fluorescent lights are really enervating. I sit on them in the office under fluorescent lights and in front of the computer I feel better using the Dio-Pad, and tired if I don’t.

Linda, California

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My husband and I purchased two Dio-Pads for our long trip from California to the South Pacific. I have to admit we were skeptical that the Dio-Pads would alleviate jet lag. They worked to an astonishing degree! We didn’t miss even one hour of time on our vacation. We can honestly recommend the Dio-Pads to anyone who travels. We even use them in our car for short motor trips. I wish to thank the inventor and manufacturer of these pads. You have helped solve an exasperating painful problem, and I for one appreciate it.

F.R.G, Washington

We just returned from a trip to Indonesia; It usually takes us a day and a half to two days to recover from Jet Lag. This time we hit the ground running and never stopped. This was after 31 hours from Hawaii to Indonesia and my return home.


I purchased the rod set from you. Although it has only been less than one week since I have been working with the rod, I can feel a tremendous difference in my state of well-being. I seem to be vibrating at a different frequency now. I already feel new strength flowing down my legs. Thanks again.

Norma, California

Wow, the rod and sync works great! The results are unbelievable. I have more energy, even now getting the bounce back in my walk. My wife, who always has low energy, has really come up and can finish a day at work without being grumpy. Just think in six weeks how far we have come. It seems these conflicting energies are in layers and you remove layer after layer. I can’t thank you enough for bringing this valuable information to the public.

Stephen, Texas

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