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Circuit Breaker Diode




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Home Protection

It’s hard in today’s environment to escape from the EMF’s that are bombarding you from every direction, from your home, shop, office anywhere there is high technology devices, and the list goes on. The solution to counteracting the negative frequencies from the electrical wiring is by neutralizing the energy of the electromagnetic frequency with the Circuit Breaker Diode, which will help you live in a more stress free environment.

The body goes out of balance when it is exposed to harmful EMF frequencies, and goes into chaos. The body becomes overwhelmed and the cell structure goes into shock, and starts to clump together, which may cause DNA damage.  When your energies are in balance, you have a healthy body, mind and spirit and you are grounded to earth energies.

The Circuit Breaker Diode will neutralize the harmful EMF frequencies from your home, shop or office electrical wiring.  The energy coming from your electrical breaker box is carried through the electrical wiring to all appliances, electronic equipment in your home, shop or office building.

Symptoms from high EMF’s pollution in your environment include having trouble sleeping or waking up in the night, being fatigued, irritability and you may have health issues.

The stress from the electrical grid is counteracted by the neutralizing effects of the Circuit Breaker Diode frequencies. The reduced cellular stress will restore the body’s energies back into balance. Every room in your  home, shop or office building that has any appliances,  high tech devices such as the computers, TV’s, Refrigerator, Oven, will be transformed into a more harmonizing energy frequency.

Everything plugged into the outlets from TV’s , Refrigerators, stoves, office equipment, microwave ovens, electrical blankets, cordless phones, hair dryers, and vacuum cleaners emit harmful EMF’s frequencies.  The Circuit Breaker Diode frequencies will neutralize the negative energy pattern of the wiring to a positive spin of energy for a more harmonious energy for yourself, loved ones and pets. The neutralizing frequencies from the Circuit Breaker Diode, covers up to a 4,000 square feet of a home, shop or office building including basements, garages or multi-story home, any wiring that is  connected to the electrical box. If you have more than one electrical box you will need one Circuit Breaker Diode for each electrical box, because each box is running on it’s own grid.

Circuit Beaker Diode Benefits:

The Circuit Breaker Diode is a all natural formula and is NOT magnetic, or a hologram sticker, and does not have any Radionics frequencies.
The Circuit Breaker does not wear out.
Does not use any electricity
Gives you peace of mind 24/7 for your home, shop or office building.

Customers noticed a difference right away once the Circuit Breaker Diode is placed on the electrical box.

Sleep improvements
Relief from anxiety

Other Uses for the Circuit Breaker Diode Include:

If you have a smart meter, we suggest using the Versatile Diode on the smart meter for an extra layer of protection.

Our earth friendly Circuit Breaker Diode, is proudly made in the U.S.A.











Price: $260.95
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