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9" Round Diode Transmutation Plaque


CLEARANCE! 9" Round Diode Transmutation Plaque

SALE PRICE: $71.95

 9" Diode Transmutation Plaque Round Plate


Many things that we wear or ingest in our daily lives have poisonous elements that create negative energy in the body and change our normal body polarities. The Diode Transmutation Plaque eliminates the harmful effect of these negative energies permanently.


The Diode Transmutation Plaque comes with a cork finish on the top side and the Diode Formula on the backside of the plaque. Items to be transmuted need to be placed on the cork side of the plaque. The Diode Formula will change an oscillating or negative energy pattern to a positive or bipolar energy by joining with the positive energy of the oscillations, pushing the negative energy off center and forcing the electrons, causing the oscillations, to spin out into an outer shell and disappear.  


Many things we wear or ingest in our daily lives can have a harmful effect on our body and our health. Any item that may have “conflict energy” should be transmuted. Some of the many items to transmute are:


beverages, wine



Eye Glasses



Clothing, belts, shoes



The plaque will only transmute what is placed directly on top of it and 18” upward. Large items such as bedding pillows can be transmuted in sections. Clothing such as silk blouses or silk ties can be folded to avoid overlap on the plaque. (Silk is a material that has an oscillating energy and needs to be transmuted to a positive energy pattern!)


Once you have transmuted an item, the effect is permanent.


Clearance items cannot be returned.

Price: $71.95
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