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Small Diode Round Transmutation Plaque


CLEARANCE! 4" Round Transmutation Plaque.

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Great size to keep at your desk for cups of coffee or tea!

These attractive plaques make it convenient to transmute items that you suspect to have negative energy. 

Many things that we wear or ingest in our daily lives have poisonous elements that create negative energy in the body and change our normal body polarities.  The Solid State Diode Transmutation Plaques eliminate the harmful effect of these negative energies permanently.

The Diode Plaques have a cork finish with the Diode Formula on the back of the plaque.  Place the item you suspect to have negative energy on the cork side of the plaque to permanently transmute the energy.

Good for:

  • Food and Beverages
  • Tobacco products
  • Vitamins and medications
  • Cosmetics
  • Jewelry, belts, and shoes

The Diode formula will change an oscillating or negative energy pattern to a positive or bipolar energy by joining with the positive energy of the oscillations, pushing the negative energy off center and forcing the electrons causing the oscillations to spin out into an outer shell and disappear.  The plaque will only transmute what is placed directly on top of it, extending 18" upward from the plaque.

The Diode Plaque will not transmute M.S.G. because M.S.G. is a bipolar energy until it enters the body, where it then becomes a toxin.

Place the item suspected of having negative energy on the plaque for 10 minutes or longer.  Once you have transmuted an item, you will not have to repeat the process.  The effect is permanent.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What side of the Transmutation Plaque do I set items on to transmute, the cork or formula side? Place items to transmute on the cork side.
  2. Can I put multiple items on my Transmutation Plaque at the same time or do I have to do one at a time? You can transmute different items on the plaque at the same time as long as the items are not lying over the edge of the plaque. Anything lying over the edge would not be transmuted.


I use the Transmutation Plaques for almost everything in my house. I place all my groceries on the plaque before they get put away. I always place my starter plants on the plaque overnight before planting and my plants stay green and healthy all season long.

Deborah, AZ


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