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Drop Crystal Pendant


Personal Diode Jewelry.


Imported from Brazil.  The natural  Digital Diode Formula has been applied on the top of the crystal.  Don't be fooled by the size!  The crystal magnifies the effects of the Diode formula.  Crystal size varies ¾” to 1" in length with a silver finding.  Chain not included.

Wear the Crystal in the middle of the body to be picked up by the vortex energies.  By moving the Drop Crystal up or down  the center of the body (by changing the length of the chain) you will find your most comfortable placement of the pendant.

Do not get the Crystal Pendant wet.

NOTE:  Some of our natural Diode Crystals may have inclusions or fine hair-like lines in them which occurs naturally.  This means the crystals are real Brazilian Crystals, not glass or man made.





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