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Black Onyx Personal Diode




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   Front side of the Black Onyx Diode

The beautiful Black Onyx circle stone is a powerful protection stone, it protects you from negative energies. The Black Onyx is commonly known “as the grounding stone.” The combination of the Diode Formula and the Black Onyx gives perfect protection and shielding from EMF’s.

Your body may absorb the EMF energy and cause health problems. The Black Onyx Personal Diode protects your biofield from the stress that is being emitted from EMF devices or any other negative energies. It is also working by keeping your meridians in balance.

The Black Onyx Diode circle is 1/8” thick and the size of a quarter. The middle of the Black Onyx Circle holds the Diode Formula.

Wear the Black Onyx Personal Diode on the left side of your body to keep your body’s energies in balance and protects you from the harmful EMF’s. Can be placed in pouch.






Price: $55.95
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