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EMF Diode Jewelry

Wearing our Diode Jewelry will strengthen your body’s polarities (energies) by balancing, harmonizing, and stabilizing your energy field. The Diode’s energy frequency will broadcast 18” into your aura field which helps to counteract and neutralize harmful EMFs. Your body’s energies are your natural protector and keep the body functional. Illnesses are caused by an imbalance in the body. Keeping your body’s energies in balance will help to protect you against EMFs and other negative energies you are exposed to daily.

Following are just a few of the many items that we may be exposed to that emit EMFs; just about everything that is electrical as well as wireless:



Computers (PCs, Laptops, etc.)


Office Equipment

DVD/Blu-Ray players

Cell Phones/Cordless Phones


Smart Meters

Baby Monitors

[Use a Basic Muscle Test to see how you are being affected by the EMFs or negative energy being emitted from any object.         

EMFs can stress the body in many ways such as:

Irregular Sleep Patterns
Memory Loss
Loss of Energy
Inability to Concentrate
Weakened Immune System
Chronic Fatigue

The combination of our Diode Formula with a crystal or natural stone creates a powerful positive energy uniqueness in every piece of our jewelry.  Each crystal and stone used to make our jewelry has its own distinctive positive energy properties which are magnified and amplified when the Diode Formula’s energies are added. Because we use natural stones, the size and color may differ; all of jewelry is handcrafted with earth friendly products.


Benefits of wearing our EMF Diode Jewelry:

More Energetic
More Balanced
Less Stress

Can anyone wear the Diode Jewelry?

Our Diode Jewelry can be worn by male or female. We do not recommend our jewelry for young children due to choking hazards.


All Natural, Earth Friendly Products Made in the USA



Drop Crystal Pendant

Drop Crystal Pendant
Personal Diode Jewelry.

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