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Are Smart Meters really “Smart”? 

In an initiative to update the existing electrical grid, utility companies are swapping out all analog utility meters with a very expensive microwave computer system called “Smart Meters”. The plan is to install these meters on every home and business in USA, Canada, Australia and Europe, subjecting consumers to unpredictable radiation levels every day. Ever since Smart Meters have started being installed on homes or in neighborhoods,  complaints have and continue to be reported by consumers who experience new or worsening health problems



What are Smart Meters?

Smart Meters are wireless devices that read the electric, gas, and water meters and send the data to the utility company by emitting radio frequency (RF) microwave radiation signals. The RF microwave radiation signals are electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that are higher in frequency. They are very short and fast waves allowing information to be carried on them. Smart Meters has two antennas, one sends a signal to your home/business and the second one sends a signal to the “mesh network of meters on homes/businesses in your neighborhood. The signals then moves on to a neighborhood data collector which could be located on your home, your neighbors' home, a telephone pole, etc. Interestingly enough, the signals have the same frequency used for cell phone tower transmissions. The Smart Meters are designed to enhance energy efficiency as consumers will be able to monitor, and hopefully lower, consumption. 



Controversy about Smart Meters

Although Government Agencies have not yet published any studies regarding the health risks associated with the RF exposure, many private studies have been made available to the public. Some of these studies clearly document evidence that many health risks are associated to RF exposure, including DNA breakage and cancer. The results from these studies have the general public understandably very concerned and there is a crucial need for more information. There is numerous websites available regarding the possible dangers of Smart Meters.  


Smart Meters do not come with an official warning about possible health risks they may cause. Utility companies maintain that the radiation emissions from the Smart Meters are well within the FCC standards. Their reports are based on the “short term” radiation level emitted by the microwave frequency of the one Smart Meter installed on your home/business. What they leave out is the “meter-to-meter” exposure - meters communicate with other meters in your neighborhood, then send the signals to the neighborhood data collector (which could be located right on your home, on the wall outside the room where you sleep). You are not receiving the “short term” radiation the utility company reports; you are now exposed to an increased amount of radiation that is being laterally transmitted through the wall of your home. 


According to research done by independent EMF specialists, Smart Meters emit a greater volume of radiation more frequently than the utility companies will admit. Testing of the meters has shown a constant fluctuation of electromagnetic frequencies coming from the meter with high bursts of EMFs every few minutes. It has been reported by the EMF specialists that the meters transmit radio frequencies every 45 seconds – this is equal to an average of 12,000 RF bursts a day per Smart Meter!


Health Risks associated with Smart Meters

Research indicates that the RF emitted by Smart Meters is potentially harmful to human health. Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) may cause a disturbance in the body’s electrical system. Our bodies cannot adapt itself to the EMF frequency. People are consistently reporting mild-to-severe health issues since having meters installed. Some of the symptoms include:


Dizziness                        Hormonal Imbalance

Headaches                                 Sleep Disruptions

Nausea                           Concentration/Memory Problems

Tinnitus                          Ear Pain

Heart Palpitations


Consumers, for whatever reason, necessity or choice, who have made the decision to eliminate all possible wireless exposures from their lives, may now face excessively high RF exposure in their homes from Smart Meters on a 24-hr. basis.


In addition, there is a serious concern about the increased amount of cases reporting anxiety and behavioral problems with children, since children absorb radiation at a greater rate than adults. This makes children more vulnerable to Smart Meter health risks. Other groups causing concern include: people with pacemakers, chronically ill people with poor immune systems, and electro-sensitive people.


How can you protect yourself from Smart Meters?

First consideration:  The amount of RF emanating from your Smart Meter depends upon the model/maker and how it is installed. Some models, installed correctly, may not have a negative effect on your health.


Second consideration:  Do you or your neighbor have a satellite dish? If so, this could cause your Smart Meter to interact with the frequencies of your satellite dish possibly causing health risks.


One way to check to see if your meter is having an effect on your health is by using the Basic Muscle Testing (see Testing Results, scroll to bottom of page for directions). Face the palm of your left hand in front of the Smart Meter and proceed with testing.


If testing shows that your Smart Meter is having an effect on your health, we have the solution!


Our solution to protect yourself from possible health hazards associated with Smart Meters is our Amazing Diode.


We suggest using our Digital Versatile Diode placed directly on the Smart Meter. You can also use our Circuit Breaker Diode which is designed to be placed on your home or office’s Circuit Breaker Box and will be effective for up to a 4000 sq. ft. area. Testing has shown that the Diode will counteract the RF frequencies.












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