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EMF Protection Devices

For Every Force In The Universe There Is An Equal and Opposite Force

"Counter Force"

The answer to the "Counter Force" is our Amazing Diode Products. As you begin your journey throughout the day, you are exposed to and bombarded by harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF‘s), which include extremely low frequency (ELF) and radio frequency (RF) radiation from cell towers, microwaves, high power tension lines, cell phones, home electrical systems, smart meters, gaming devices, computers, and other electronic devices. Over time, exposure to these harmful EMF frequencies may cause health problems and DNA damage at the cellular level.

When your body‘s energy is exposed to these harmful EMF frequencies, it goes into chaotic distress causing the meridians, (energy pathways of the body) to go out of balance. This body imbalance can cause mental and physical problems.

There are some people who are more sensitive to EMF‘s than others; it varies from person to person. The longer and more you are exposed to EMF‘s you may experience a weakened immune system.

Symptoms include:

  • Depression/anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Irritability
  • Headaches or Migraines
  • Skin Problems, Hives or Rash
  • Insomnia
  • Memory loss
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Confusion
  • Sleep disorders

Understanding the dangers about EMF‘s and the health concerns that come with excessive exposure to them, is the first sign you need to protect your body‘s electrical system. Your electrical system is your natural protector and keeps your body functional.

The all-natural ingredients in our Amazing Diode products neutralize and block EMF‘s radiation by creating a protective shield of energy that is working with and supporting your own body‘s electrical system (Polarities). Our Amazing Diode also maintains a harmonious flow of positive energy through your meridians (energy pathways) and down into the cellular level of your body. You will experience less stress and more energy by the balancing and stabilizing effects of the Amazing Diode. By using the Diode products, you promote a healthy body, mind and spirit. You are also, grounded to Earth energy frequencies.

Ener-G-Polari-T Products provides you and your family with the best, effective and highest quality protection from electromagnetic frequencies that is on the market today. As new technologies are progressing, we continued to add new frequencies to our Diode Formula that gives you peace of mind for your ultimate protection.

Our company has been in business for over 50 years. Many competitors have tried to copy our products without success. Our products undergo extensive quality control measures by independent third party testing. They are used worldwide by the medical and alternative professionals, and general public. The Amazing Diode formula has been proven time and time again to keep the body‘s energies in balance and protect you from EMF‘s.

All our Diode products are intended to protect, educate and promote wellness for a health body, mind and spirit.

Our products are handmade in Arizona to give you the best quality product on the market today with love from our craftsman.

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