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Cook's Slim Diode


Classic Diode, Personal Protection

Non Digital Personal Protection

The all-natural, non-toxic elemental Diode corrects and filters the energies flowing in and through the human body to bring balance to the body's electrical system.

By emitting neutralizing and balancing frequencies, the Diode also helps to block the effects of harmful and stray electromagnetic radiation which we are exposed to every day. 

Wear the Cook's Slim Diode on your person for personal protection.  Wear on the left side or center of the body, in a pocket or pouch, to be picked up by the body's quadrant energies. 

  • The size and strength of Cook's Slim Diode is recommended for use by adults and children over 10.
  • Cook's Slim Diode is 2 times the strength of the Cook's Pocket Diode.
  • Cook's Slim Diode is slim enough to be slipped into a billfold.

Wear with the Label FACING the body for additional positive energies.  The Cook's Slim Diode does not need to be "recharged" and never wears out!


Frequently Asked Cook's Slim Diode Questions

Do the Pocket and Slim Diodes protect you from EMFs since they are analog only? There are some EMF frequencies that are not digital, so you can use the Pocket or Slim Diodes. Analog frequencies are any frequencies that are not digital or wireless.

2 1/8" x 1 1/8" x 1/8"



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