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EMF Protection

The FIRST step to EMF Protection is Personal Protection.  Select a Personal Diode to wear every day, whether a Classic, Digital or Wireless Diodes, or  chose a piece from our contemporary and stylish Diode Jewelry line. 

The SECOND step in EMF Protection is to attach our Diodes to the source of the EMF frequencies. Cell Phone DiodeAll Purpose Digital Diode for use on appliances and equipment. The Circuit Breaker Diode can sheild the EMFs that  are polluting the whole house.

Once you are protected from EMF radiation, look through our complete line of products designed to complement your EMF protection and work to achieve total body energy balance and polarity.

All of our Diode Products are made in the USA.

The Diode Formula is composed of all natural, non toxic ingredients and made into a secret formula base. The formula is molded into different forms, shapes and frequencies to be worn on the body as a Personal Diode or placed on devices emitting electromagnetic radiation. All of our Diode Products are individually made by hand, with the intention to help humanity. We give a 60 day money back guarantee on our products, with the exception of a few items. See Return Policy.


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